Vintage Silhouette Reproduction

Vintage Silhouette Reproduction

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Have your treasured silhouettes recreated with a Vintage Silhouette Reproduction from Little Mugshots.  Reproductions are a wonderful way to share a family heirloom, resize an old silhouette, or refresh aging and yellowing paper of yesteryear.  Simply snap a photo of your vintage silhouette, select your size, and you will receive a new paper-cut silhouette of your vintage artwork.

Please note that your silhouette must be 20 + years old to be considered vintage. Artwork from another current silhouettist, or theme parks may not be submitted for reproduction. 

Your custom silhouette paper-cut portrait will arrive carefully packaged, and shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer.  

How to order:

Simply choose your portrait details above, upload your source photo, and add to cart.  

Tips for a great source photo:

Take a photo of your vintage silhouette in natural light (no flash), at a direct angle.  Ensure that there is minimal glare if framed, and that all details are clearly visible.  


This listing is for paper-cut silhouette reproductions.  You may use your vintage silhouettes for any other Little Mugshots items (Silhouette Jewelry, Hand Embroidered Hoops, and Silhouette Lined Leather Bags) by simply uploading your vintage artwork within those listings before adding those items to your cart.

*Frame(s) not included.

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