About the Artist


     As a little girl, I was fascinated by two tiny silhouettes of my mother and aunt as little girls themselves.  Their upturned noses, recognizable chins, and adorable haircuts froze them in time, yet the images were so simply elegant.  I wanted to capture the childlike sweetness of my own children in the same timeless way, so for Mother's Day of 2015, I created a silhouette of my daughter, which would later become Little Mugshot's logo image.  

      I am an Ohio Native, Army Spouse, and have two wonderful kiddos.  I have worked as an elementary art educator, freelance graphic designer, and now solely dedicate my creative work to custom silhouettes.  

     I love traditional but not boring, contemporary yet timeless. My heart swells each time I put the finishing touches on a portrait that will soon become your modern heirloom.

Thank you for trusting me with such a special keepsake.

Artist & Owner, Little Mugshots

The Process

    I begin each silhouette with a simple pencil drawing.  I visually edit features and details in a way that capture both the likeness and character of your loved ones.  It's the part of this process that I love the most, and that I feel is the most important. The final look and feel can't be replicated any other way, and for me is what makes each and every piece so personal.  My style is a combination of artistry and accuracy with a nod to tradition.
     Once a pencil rendering is complete, it is digitized, archived, and then I create the final paper-cut silhouettes.  For laser engraved pieces, I have partnered with fellow local business owners who appreciate quality and consistency as much as I do.  From start to finish, each silhouette is truly handmade, and sure to become your new modern heirloom.